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Grated Parmigiano Reggiano 36 months

Olive Points: 40pts

Price £4.00


Weight: 100g

Unpasteurised cow's milk

Our aged Parmesan is finely grated freshly for each order and dispatched in a handy bio-degradable container.

This mountain Parmesan cheese is artisanally produced at 1000m in the Appenines near Parma. Milk for the Parmesan is collected from open pasture grazing cows on local farms and every kilo of parmesan is produced with 14 litres of raw milk. Raw milk is simply unpasteurised and Parmigiano Reggiano cannot actually be called Parmigiano Reggiano if it is not made from it. The raw milk contributes to the complex, full flavour and aroma that makes Parmesan the King of Cheese!

Parmesan is a highly concentrated cheese and contains only 30% water and 70% nutrients. It is extremely rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. It is completely natural and easily digestible. As an incredibly nutritious cheese it is often recommended for babies, children, the elderly and also athletes! It's also considered an important component in your diet if you are trying to lose weight!

All DOP Parmesan must be aged for at least 12 months. Ours is matured for 36 months making it a deliciously nutty, crunchy cheese.


The DOP mark: As a DOP (PDO) 'Protected Denomination of Origin' cheese, our Parmesan has been guaranteed and certified by the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium in Italy. This is the best guarantee of excellence in a European agri-food product. Production, processing and preparation of our cheese takes place exclusively in the Parmesan cheese DOP area of origin - any other Parmesan (and there are many, many copies) which does not have this mark is just cheese!

How to store

Keep the grated Parmesan in its original container in the fridge. It should keep fresh for 1 week. 


Unpasteurised cow's milk, rennet, salt.

Our Producer - Castagna

With forty years of experience, Castagna despite maintaining ancient traditions, also focuses on quality and service, research and development to continually improve century old products.

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