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Short Shelf Life Bargains

The food we sell is not packed with preservatives and other nasties and consequently may have a relatively short shelf life. When products are nearing their 'best before' date we will let you know and put them on sale with a great discount! Even after their 'best before' date our products are still good to eat and to be sold; 'best before' means that over time they might begin to slightly lose their flavour or texture. This is not the same as 'use by' which you tend to find on food that goes off quickly (for more information see the Food Standards Agency website at

£13bn-worth of edible food is thrown out in Britain every year and the use of the 'best before' date is a major cause of this problem. Many retailers (including major ones such as the Co-op have begun selling food that is past its 'best before' date in a drive to reduce wasted food.

Therefore, please help us to reduce waste and take the opportunity to try our wonderful products at a low price!



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