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Banda Rossa 20yr Old Balsamic Vinegar Cubic

5 out of 5 stars Friday 08 December, 2017 By David Whitley
This balsamic vinegar is absolutely stunning in quality and flavours. I thought I knew a decent balsamic vinegar before touring the Giusti facilities. We tried every balsamic in the Giusti range, and use this for all our special gift selections now.

The other younger ranges are very nice, no doubt, and can be used for cooking or salads really well. This 20 year old however is something to be enjoyed as a garnish, or with a platter of cheeses and meats. I have combined this with many cheeses, breads and meats to incredible success. I have not tried this on a finished dish, yet.

I compare this directly with the Extravecchio the Giusti make as well (we own both). There is no 'better' one at this level, as they have different flavours. If you don't want to spend the money on the Extravecchio version, you will be very satisfied with this one as well.

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