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Asiago DOP

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Weight: 200g* piece

Cow's milk

This Asiago is a very popular mountain cheese from the Veneto region. Asiago DOP is the pressed version of Asiago cheese.

This Asiago is a semi-hard cheese, it has a fresh, milky aroma which is a little floral and is intensely flavoured and slightly sharp but creamy at the same time. It has been produced with milk from mountain herds which graze at an altitude above 600m. It has an amber paste with very small holes and crumbly texture. 


The DOP mark: As a DOP (PDO) 'Protected Denomination of Origin' cheese, our Asiago has been guaranteed and certified by the Asiago Consortium in Italy. This is the best guarantee of excellence in a European agri-food product. Production, processing and preparation of our cheese takes place exclusively in the Asiago cheese DOP area of origin - any other Asiago which does not have this mark is just cheese!


Serving suggestions

This is an excellent table cheese which pairs well with fresh figs and pears as well as fig and pear preserves and spicier mustards. It also goes well with full-bodied red wines such as Barbera. A great choice for cooking too, this moist, supple cheese can be grated or cubed into your recipes. Also good in sandwiches.

Discover our tasty recipe for Farfalle with Salmon and Asiago Cheese on the Vorrei blog.

How to store

Keep wrapped in naturally waxed paper in the fridge, ideally inside a slightly opened container so that the cheese still receives some oxygen. Kept in the right conditions, Asiago can be consumed up to a month after purchase. Remember to remove from the fridge an hour before serving to bring the cheese up to room temperature.​


Raw cow's milk, rennet, salt.

Our Producer - Latteria Vicentine

Established over 50 years ago, this cooperative of artisanal producers can be found in the province of Vicenza in the Veneto region. 

The production area for Asiago is strictly defined, starting from the meadows of the Po Valley and finishing in the Alpine pastures between the Asiago Plateau and Trentino’s highlands. The officially designated area where the milk is collected and Asiago DOP cheese is produced extends to four provinces in the northeast of Italy. Asiago cheese such as this one, that is produced and matured in dairies located more than 600m (2000 ft) above sea level, using milk from farms also more than 600m above sea level may have the additional label “Product of the Mountains”.

*Please note that we cut each individual piece of cheese freshly, so occasionally individual pieces may weigh very slightly under or very slightly over the stated weight.

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