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Italian Cheese Platter

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Our Cheese Platter Hamper contains a selection of our favourite Italian mountain cheeses along with a set of four tasty sauces to pair with them:


Organic Pecorino Sardo DOP (200g) - Our organic Pecorino is a semi-matured, excellent quality artisanal cheese made in the little town of Dolianove in the Province of Cagliari.  Pecorino is one of Italy's oldest cheeses and features heavily in Italian cuisine! Pecorino Sardo is made with raw sheep's milk (giving it an authentic rural taste) and aged in ancient vaults.


Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Aged 36 months (200g) - Artisanally produced at 1000m in the Appenine Mountains, this wonderful, aged Parmesan  is made from raw cow's milk as all DOP Parmesan should be.


Organic Taleggio DOP (200g) - Taleggio cheese has a long history, dating back to before the 10th century. The sale and exchange of Taleggio and other cheeses is documented in some 13th century historical documents. It originates and gets its name from Val Taleggio, just outside Bergamo,The people of Val Taleggio had a milk surplus and so needed to find a way to make use of it. They began making cheese which, once it had been aged in 'caves', or huts in the valley, could be exchanged for other products or even sold directly. 

La Tur  (200g) - La Tur (or 'tower' in Piemontese dialect) is a soft, ripened artisanal cheese which belongs to the Robiola family of white, soft mould cheeses. It is made from equal amounts of cow's, goat's and sheep's milk in the Northern region of Piemonte. The soft rind is edible and light straw in colour. Beneath the rind is a sweet, tangy layer of cream and inside a heavenly mousse-like gooey centre.  It is aged for only 10 days but is the flavour is incredibly rich and complex for such a young cheese making it a favourite with connoisseurs! 

Although made from three different types of milk, no one flavour dominates. All three work together to give you the buttery richness of cow's milk, the tangy acidity of goat's milk and the soft nuttiness of sheep's milk in one mouthful! 

Gorgonzola Piccante DOP Gran Riserva (200g) - Sharper and firmer than the 'dolce' version of Gorgonzola, this cheese is straw coloured with more blue veins. Creamier than Stilton, but just as strong, the Gorgonzola Piccante is aromatic and intense and has been matured for 120 days.


Set of 4 Cheese Accompaniments (40g each) - These 4 delicious mini jams go perfectly with our artisanal cheeses. It includes: Fig jam (pair with Parmesan and Pecorino), Tropea onion jam (great with Taleggio, Gorgonzola or Cheddar), chilli pepper jam (try with Pecorino) and chilli and pear jam (good with Asiago, Pecorino and Parmesan).


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Product Reviews
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars Saturday 10 December, 2016 By Diane Birch
I purchased this hamper (with a bottle of wine) for a friends birthday and she said it was truly the best present she had ever received! Thank you.

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