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Meal Kit \'Cacio e Pepe in Blues\' by Andrea LarossaMeal Kit \'Cacio e Pepe in Blues\' by Andrea LarossaMeal Kit \'Cacio e Pepe in Blues\' by Andrea LarossaMeal Kit \'Cacio e Pepe in Blues\' by Andrea Larossa

Meal Kit 'Cacio e Pepe in Blues' by Andrea Larossa

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About the recipe

'Cacio e Pepe in Blues' (Spaghetti with Cacio and Pepe in Blues) - Weight: 774g  *  Serves 4 people  *  Cooking time: 15 minutes

This ancient dish from the pastures of the Lazio region has been given a dynamic makeover by Michelin Starred Chef Andrea Larossa! What was once a typical meal of shepherds in this region - spaghetti (guaranteeing a high intake of carbohydrates and calories), flavoured with pepper (to give some heat) and seasoned cacio cheese from their herd, has been reinterpreted reflecting the chef's origins from both the North and South of Italy.

The undisputed star of this dish is a very high quality blue-veined cheese, whose effervescent flavour is exalted by the sweetness of the Sichuan pepper and, at the same time, smoothened by the soft texture of a white sauce made with cream.

About our Michelin Starred Meal Kits

Le Cene Stellate (Starry Dinners) are the new meal kits that are revolutionising the world of home cooking! You can now serve amazing Gourmet dishes at home thanks to a high-tech aerospace process, making preparing the recipe as simple as possible! 

Our luxury kits make it easy to prepare iconic Italian recipes created by contemporary Italian Michelin Starred Chefs allowing you to replicate the most famous gourmet dishes of Michelin starred restaurants in less than 20 minutes! Each kit contains all of the carefully measured ingredients you will need, ingredients which are of the hightest quality and have been personally selected by the Chefs themselves. High tech processes allow fresh raw materials to be preserved in a natural way for over 12 months with no preservatives or chemical additives and simplify the preparation of your meal.​

In order to make your experience in the kitchen even more fun and entertaining you will be cooking with the Starred Chefs, who will reveal their tricks to help you obtain a perfect result. All you need to do is place your smartphone or tablet near the recipe that you find in the package and the video tutorial will magically appear on your screen! 


About the Chef

Andrea Larossa, One Michelin Star given in 2017 at Ristorante La Rossa, Alba

Andrea was born in 1980 and was raised in a home tied to his mother’s cooking traditions from the Lazio region of Italy and to his father’s from the Basilicata region of Italy…a combination of recipes, flavours and aromas intertwined with the pleasure of eating together.

He says that he has 'learned from anywhere and anyone' becoming interested in diverse cuisines, and eventually training with internationally famed chefs.


What's inside the kit?

500g of Spaghetti                                 1 jar of finest blue-veined cheese

2 jars of cream sauce                           1 jar of Sichuan pepper corn                

2 small packets of Italian cooking salt



Durum wheat pasta – Semolina from 100% Italian durum wheat. Cooking time: 9 min. Cryo-dried blu cheese - Milk, salt, milk enzymes, aging enzymes, rennet, Raboso Passito wine and cranberries on the crust. Cream sauce made from milk and cream - milk 73%, cream 7%, butter, wheat flour, cornstarch. Keep in the fridge after opening and use within 3 days. Sichuan Pepper in grains, Italian Salt.

Kit Storage Conditions: Keep in a cool dry place

Kit Shelf Life: 12 months


Our Producer - Fratelli Desideri

The three brothers behind this exciting Italian Start-Up are Sebastiano, Leone and Achille Desideri. The Desideri brothers want to bring the culture of Italian food into people's homes worldwide! Combining the tradition of amazing Italian ingredients and recipes with the latest technology their aim is to make it fun and simple to prepare iconic, surprising dishes with a real wow factor in the comfort of your own home. The Desideri Brothers say that their Michelin Starred recipes are so easy that even someone who has never boiled an egg can follow them!!

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