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Rice & Risotto Mixes

Did you know that Italy is the largest rice producer in Europe? Rice is certainly an important ingredient in Italian cuisine and in some regions is even considered to be more important than pasta! 

We import a selection of top quality Italian rice from one of the most famous rice-growing areas - Vercelli in the Piedmonte region. Risotto is Italy's most famous rice dish and below you will find some excellent risotto rices including Arborio (the best known and most popular Italian rice), Carnaroli and the exotic, beautiful wholegrain Black Venus! Once you know how to make a basic risotto you can basically add any ingredients you like - why not take a look at the easy risotto recipes such as wild mushroom risotto & Risotto dell'Amore (with strawberries) in the Vorrei Blog for some inspiration! Our new range of cheeses go really well in risottos too - especially the Castelmagno and the creamy Gorgonzola Dolce. You'll also find some simple but delicious recipes for rice salads - our Carnaroli rice is perfect for cold dishes.


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