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Artichoke Hearts in Olive Oil

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Weight: 280g

These tasty whole Italian artichoke hearts are a much loved Sicilian antipasto. Super soft and tender but crisp at the same time, they have been selected and picked one by one, by hand and placed fresh into the jar. They are preserved in locally produced Sicilian olive oil.

Ready to open and eat on their own, straight from the jar, in a sandwich or a salad, on a bruschetta or a pizza. Excellent too served as a side dish with cold meats or fish and a bottle of red wine such as our organic Chianti DOCG.

Did you know that artichokes are considered to be a Super Food?

Full of Mediterranean flavour and with just 60 calories and no fat whatsoever, they are packed with nutrients such as potassium, iron salts, copper, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, vitamin C, folate, and magnesium as well as dietary fibre. Artichokes are also the vegetable ranked highest in antioxidant levels. They are very high in a certain antioxidant known as phytonutrients in the form of cynarin and silymarin, which can aid in digestion, liver problems, gallbladder function, and cholesterol levels.


Artichokes (62%), olive oil (35%), salt, vinegar, antioxidants: citric acid & ascorbic acid.

Our Producer 


Located in the heart of Sicily in the Enna hills, the Barbuscia Farm covers over 200 hectars. Producing artisan traditional Sicilian specialities, Barbuscia uses the term 'handicraft processing' to describe how their methods distinguish them from other companies. Following the cycles of the season and the procedures of their grandparents, they create products using ancient rural recipes which have incredible aromas and flavour. The quality is wonderful and their specialities are will really add to any meal that you serve them with.

Certified with the system of quality management ISO 9001:2008, Barbuscia also boasts the official label of the European Vegetarian Union (the most widely used 'Slaughter free' symbol worldwide) to confirm that their products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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