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Tartu' Black Truffle Cheese

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Weight: 200g* piece

Pasteurised cow's milk

Although on the outside Tartù resembles Taleggio, the inside of this unique cheese conceals a precious secret: truffles. The unmistakable and unique flavour of black truffle blends perfectly with the aromas and flavours of aged cheese to grant this traditional cheese a unique twist. The slightly yellow paste is dotted with morsels of truffle. Delicate and supple on the palate, this cheese represents a balanced combination of intense and sophisticated flavours.

How to Store

Keep wrapped in waxed paper (if possible), in the fridge, ideally inside a slightly opened container so that the cheese still gets some oxygen. Tartu' should keep for a week or so. Remember to remove from the fridge an hour or so before serving to bring the cheese up to room temperature.


Cow's milk, Tuber aestivum Vitt. (2%), salt, rennet

Our Producer
Casa Arrigoni

Working in the world of cheese for more than 30 years Casa Arrigoni have a range of unique products, and a business philosophy that can be seen in all they do, in their dedicated and constant commitment to developing the company according to high quality and ethical standards and weaving a network of heartfelt relations with the local area.

The Casa Arrigoni brand stands for the people and cheeses that their family has long produced and aged in their natural mountain cellars, in keeping with the most rigorous principles of Valtaleggio and Italian cheese makers.