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Bluefin Tuna in Olive Oil

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Weight: 220g

The ancient Greeks and Romans loved tuna and in Sicily tuna fishing goes back to prehistoric times. Up until the 1800s it strongly contributed to the economic growth of the island. Marzamemi is still a tuna fishing hotspot and our suppliers Campisi who are based there are known as a company which respects the local territory ensuring a healthy relationship between man and nature. Fish are caught exclusively on the hook and never by 'mattanza', the brutal, ancient method of drift netting used to catch Bluefin tuna.

Bluefin is a prized tuna, characterized by an intense pink flesh, a good consistency and incredible taste. Entirely prepared by hand, respecting the ancient artisan tradition. Excellent in the preparation of first courses based on hot or cold pasta, side dishes or salads.


Bluefin Tuna (70%), olive oil (29%), Sicilian sea salt.

Our Producer


The Campisi family business was founded in 1854 in beautiful Marzamemi, a small Sicilian village in the province of Siracusa, steeped in traditions associated with fish processing. Linked to the sea for over a century, Salvatore Campisi produces and processes a wide range of fish products using ancient techniques dating back to the Arab period, refined over time in this small village. Campisi affirms: "Our goal is to continually search for products that have created the history of our land.” 

Marzamemi is located near the town of Pachino and Campisi also prepare vegetable products, most notably an exquisite Cherry Tomato sauce made with the P.G.I. Pachino Tomato, known worldwide for its infinite sweetness. 

Both in seafood and vegetable production, methods have remained the same over the years with the locals traditionally handing them down from generation to generation. The genuinity, freshness of the raw materials and strict controls ensure the best possible quality. The Campisi company, well aware of living off the land and sea, respects the local territory ensuring, through its code of ethics a healthy relationship between man and nature. Fish are of course, exclusively line-fished in a sustainable way.