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Boscaiola Dried Pasta Sauce Mix

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Weight: 50g

From Campania, this dried Boscaiola sauce roughly translates as  "sauce in the style of the woodsman" The dried ingredients including aubergines and porcini mushrooms reconstitute into a hearty, tasty sauce when sautéed in extra virgin olive oil. Add canned tomatoes, cook down, and serve over pasta - a quick and easy meal!


Onion, aubergines, leeks, porcini mushrooms, champignon mushrooms, tomato flakes, bell pepper, celery, salt, parsley, garlic, and spices, natural flavours.

Our Producer

Delfino Battista

Just after the war, Pasquale Battista opened a small food laboratory in Cetara, a small fishing village on the Amalfi coast, where he worked with passion and pride up to the 1990s, mainly preserving anchovies. The traditional link between the seaside village of Cetara and preserving anchovies dates back to ancient times and is still going strong thanks to Pasquale’s children who carry on the tradition of preserving anchovies using the same family recipe.

Cetara has always been an area of fishermen; it's not by chance that its name derives from the Latin cetaria, or tonnara, used to fish tuna, or from cetari, the vendors of large fish. It is known today all over the world for its anchovies packed in salt and its Colatura di alici, which is the result of the fermentation of anchovies marinating in salt and water in earthenware pots.

All Delfino Battista products are chemical and additive free, so that quality and flavour are kept intact. Nothing has changed over the years. The firm guarantees its customers genuine products, natural ingredients and traditional workmanship. All this makes for a healthy balanced diet. All processing is done by hand and the products are even packaged by hand.