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Caciocavallo Silano

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We are excited to be finally stocking one of our favourite cheeses 'Caciocavallo Silano'.

Caciocavallo is made from raw cow's milk and is very popular in Southern Italy.  Like mozzarella and provolone, Caciocavallo is made by stretching and forming curd by hand. It tastes a little like aged provolone and is eaten in much the same way, Caciocavallo is often served in thick slices at the end of a meal, along with some fruit and a glass of red wine.

This cheese is also great for cooking with and can be used in typical recipes such as Aubergine Parmigiana. It's also used in many pasta dishes.

In the Sila Mountains it is common to grill slices of Caciocavallo. It keeps its shape nicely whilst melting slightly inside. We like to serve the grilled slices with Porcini mushrooms!

Find out more about this and our other favourite cheeses in our blog post!

Once open wrap well with foil and it will keep in the fridge for around one week. 


Unpasteurised Cow's milk, salt, curd. Gluten free. No preservatives. Made with 100% Calabrian milk.

Our Producer 

Fattoria Bio

Fattoria Bio is a beautiful, huge organic family farm in the Sila Mountains in Calabria run by Mario and the rest of the Grillo family. The family's love of their land and of their free range animals shines through their products. The uncontaminated setting and the pure water of the Silane springs adds to the unique taste of the organic products produced on the Fattoria Bio farm which are the pride of the Grillo family. 

Fattoria Bio has kept alive the traditions of the families of shepherds who have worked this land for four long generations. The farm covers about 100 hectares in Sila and 50 in Rossano and twice a year even today the shepherds make the journey from the mountains down to the Marina - a 55km pilgrimage which follows the seasons and nature.