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Caputo Red 00 'Cuoco' Flour 1kg

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Weight: 1kg

Produced in Naples, the Caputo Red flour is a strong flour, higher in gluten and protein content and gives a stronger elasticity. It is recommended for long rise doughs. A higher proportion of water can be used with this flour.

‘00’ refers to the texture of the flour – specifically how finely it has been ground, so this one is powder fine. The blend of the best wheat available and the slow grind technique used by the Antico Molino Caputo make this flour unique. It is also 100% natural and additive free!

This flour is recommended for thin crust pizzas and is also a great all-rounder and is ideal for all types of bread, cakes and sauces. It also makes excellent pancakes!



Our Producer 

Antico Molino Caputo 

This authentic Italian family company now into their third generation was founded in 1924 by Carmine Caputo on his return from the US. He started out with a small mill and a pasta factory in Capua. Now the most popular brand of ‘00’ flour in Italy and America, Caputo is now run by Carmine's grandsons Eugenio and Carmine and grand nephew Antimo who have maintained long-standing relationships with wheat suppliers around the world as well as the reputation of the company for 89 years of excellence.