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Being diabetic does not necessarily mean that you have to miss out on tasty Italian food. Many of our products are suitable for a diabetic diet in that they are low in sugar and low in carbohydrates. This gift box is packed with tasty ingredients which make it easy to create some really healthy meals!  Please note that we will donate 5% of the price of this hamper to JDRF, the charity which supports children with Type 1 Diabetes.

What's inside
  • Sicilian Cracked Green Olives in Olive Oil (314ml) These lightly spiced Sicilian crushed olives have a bold, firm flavour and are ideal served as part of an aperitivo, as a snack alongside other antipasti or as a delicious side dish with grilled or roasted meats.
  • Tomato Sauce with Basil (330g) This tomato sauce is combined with fresh basil to give a delicious Mediterranean flavour. Made with all natural ingredients, San Marzano tomato and no added sugar, this is a healthy and tasty addition to any pasta dish!
  • Organic Whole Wheat Pasta (500g) This pasta is made using durum wheat semolina which has an intense flavour and aroma.  It is also easily digestible.
  • Wholegrain Black Venus Rice (500g) This medium whole grain, aromatic, black rice is a delicate alternative to white rice. It has a mild nutty flavour and is ideal for preparing risottos (with cheese, fish and shell fish) as well as rice salads and side dishes. It also has a low Glycemic Index meaning that it will make blood sugars rise more slowly than normal rice.
  • Organic Borlotti Beans (300g) The hearty and nutritious Borlotti bean is widely used in Italian cooking. The beans are large and plump and when raw, ivory in colour with reddish-brown streaks. They take on a darker colour when cooked and the interior becomes floury. Borlotti beans are free from cholesterol and particularly rich in protein. They are perfect in soups, stews, pasta dishes and risottos. 
  • Organic Cannellini (300g) Cannellini beans are a staple of central and southern Italian cooking and are particularly popular in Tuscany. When cooked they become creamy and fluffy and are perfect in pasta dishes (pasta e fagioli), soups (minestrone), purées, broths, salads and dips. This type of bean is an excellent inexpensive source of protein which is also high in fibre, low in fat and free from cholesterol. 
  • Organic Quinoa and Barley Piadina (270g) Piade or Piadine are very popular street food in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, they are unleavened flat bread which can be eaten cold and topped or warmed and rolled to make a light and delicious with the filling of your choice - cheese, cold cuts, grilled vegetables..or a mixture of all three!
  • Sun dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil (314g). Our tomatoes have been dried in the Mediterranean sun and have an intense, sweet flavour. They are wonderful straight from the jar or alongside some mozzarella as part of a colourful antipasti spread.
  • Cherry Filled Burano Biscuits (150g) These delicious cherry-filled biscuits originate from the beautiful island of Burano in the Venetian Lagoon. Low in fat and carbohydrates and naturally gluten free, they are made with carefully selected ingredients which are all 100% natural. Because of their high nutritional value, these biscuits are recommended for sportsmen and women and in fact Palmisano, the producers are long time sponsors of the Venice Marathon!

The contents of this hamper are presented in a lovely strong gift box tied with a ribbon. A gift message option is available at the checkout. Please note that if we are out of stock of any item we reserve the right to substitute it with the most similar available item.


Wheat, milk, eggs, butter, hazelnuts.