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Vegetarian Essenza Italiana Hard Cheese

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Cow's milk

Made in the heart of the Po Valley, Italy’s most important agricultural area, where farming has been going on for over 2000 years and where they have been making a typical cheese for around 900 years.

This is a completely natural cheese, made only with fresh milk, vegetable rennet, and sea salt, without using any additives or preservatives, and naturally free from lactose.

Our cheese has been ripened for a minimum of 16 months, which means it is of the very highest quality.

Serving suggestions

Excellent when grated on pasta, shaved on vegetables, pizza or salads or by itself with a glass of sparkling wine.

How to store

Keep wrapped in naturally waxed paper in the fridge, ideally inside a slightly opened container so that the cheese still gets some oxygen. This cheese should keep for 3-4 weeks. Remember to remove from the fridge an hour or so before serving to bring the cheese up to room temperature.


Cow's milk, salt, vegetable rennet (Cynara cardunculus)

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Montanari & Guzza

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