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Gran Kinara Vegetarian Parmesan

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Raw Cow's milk

Our Gran Kinara Parmesan style cheese is the world´s first aged cheese produced with vegetable rennet made from a type of thistle (Cynara cardunculus), it is suitable for vegetarians, lactose free and Halal. The maturing of the cheese for 12 months combined with the use of vegetable rennet, ensure that the lactose turns into lactic acid (that does not cause problems to lactose intolerant individuals) way faster than in the cheeses made with animal rennet. The crumbly, buttery texture has delicate floral aromas and fragrances and a bit of tang from the vegetable rennet. The taste is excellent and very similar to normal Parmesan.

Serving suggestions

Excellent when grated on pasta, shaved on vegetables, pizza or salads or by itself with a glass of sparkling wine.

How to store

Keep wrapped in naturally waxed paper in the fridge, ideally inside a slightly opened container so that the cheese still gets some oxygen. This parmesan should keep for 3-4 weeks. Remember to remove from the fridge an hour or so before serving to bring the cheese up to room temperature.


Raw partially skimmed cow's milk, salt, vegetable rennet (Cynara cardunculus)

Our Producer

Le Fattorie Fiandino

Mario Fiandino’s family have been mountain shepherds since the 1700s. In the mountains, they used to coagulate milk with the thistle flower, as it was less costly than animal rennet. Two years ago they revived this tradition in cheesemaking. They currently have 250 Bruna Alpina cows which graze freely and produce limited quantities of superior quality milk.

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