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Set of 4 Spicy Pate's

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Weight: 40g each

These four hot and spicy mini pate's are a perfect gift for the chilli lover in your life! They are also ideal too if you would like to taste these specialities for the first time! They can be spread on to bruschette, in sandwiches, eaten with cheese or cold meats or stirred into pasta with just a little of the pasta water added too. 

The set includes Salsa Paradiso: ('Paradise Sauce') a super spicy combination of chillies, sun dried tomatoes and chopped veggies, Chilli pepper cream: A fiery spread made from hot chillies with very little else added, 'Nduja from Spilinga: hot spreadable salami from the very place it was invented, Capriccio di Pesce: ('Fantasy of Fish") a mouth-watering Calabrian speciality made with miniscule fish and very hot chillies.


Salsa Paradiso: Hot chillies, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, green olives, aubergines, peppers, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, black pepper.

Chilli pepper cream: Hot chillies (81%), extra virgin olive oil, salt, wine vinegar.

'Nduja: 'Nduja from Spilinga (pork meat, hot Calabrian chillies, spices, salt) 98%, olive oil. 

Capriccio di pesce: Silver fish (Neosalanx tangkahkei taihuensis) 80%, olive oil, salt, hot chillies, black pepper, oregano, wine vinegar.

All natural ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial flavours or colours.

Our Producer

Paradiso dei Golosi for Vorrei

Founded almost 20 years ago by Santo Cauteruccio in the small town of Buonvicino in the Pollino National Park in Calabria, Paradiso dei Golosi produces wonderful artisan marmalades & jams created from recipes handed down from generation to generation and made only from raw ingredients which are in season. 

The company uses no artificial colourings and preservatives and just two ingredients - sugar and local fruit. Their marmalades and jams are vibrant in colour, taste amazing and are of exceptional quality.