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Tomato Passata Vellutata

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Weight: 400ml

Passata is a form of tomato purée that has been passed through a sieve to remove the seeds and skins. It is therefore very smooth, and suitable for a number of uses where a finer purée is required.

Vorrei’s Passata is made from the famous San Marzano tomatoes from the fertile Campania region of Southern Italy. It is perfect for making a delicious smooth pasta sauce or for spreading on top of a home-made pizza.


Italian tomatoes, salt.

Our Producer


Our tomatoes are produced by Agrigenus, an agricultural co-operative near Naples in the Campania region known for its fertile soils and in particular the world famous San Marzano DOP tomato.

Agrigenus have been accredited with ‘Slow Food’ Presidium status for their commitment to practicing small-scale and sustainable production of quality foods, as well as maintaining ethical cultivation and processing methods.

There are more than 200 Italian Slow Food Presidia in Italy involving more than 1600 small-scale producers: fishers, butchers, shepherds, cheese makers, bakers and pastry chefs.

The Slow Food movement works to protect the environment, defend food biodiversity, promote sustainable agriculture and support small-scale food producers, valuing their traditional knowledge.