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Moka Pot CaffettieraThree cup Moka pot caffettieraThree cup Moka pot caffettieraThree cup Moka pot caffettiera

Three Cup Moka Pot Caffettiera

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Designed and made in Italy. Choose from blue, red or black.

Want to make excellent coffee at home that tastes just like the coffee in your favourite Italian bar? Our stylish Moka coffee pots combine Italian design with great functionality! If you have never tried them before a Moka Pot or caffettiera is an Italian steam-based stove top espresso maker that produces a dark coffee almost as strong as that from a conventional espresso maker found in the best Italian bars. Moka coffee is produced using only steam’s natural pressure. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to produce great espresso, this is the pot and technique for you!

Please note that these Moka Pots are NOT suitable for use on Induction Hobs.


Tips for using your Moka Pot

Before using your Moka Pot for the first time, fill the bottom chamber with cool fresh water up to the level of the pressure relief valve. Put some unwanted old used coffee grounds in the filter basket, attach the top, and allow it to brew. The first pot of coffee you brew in the pot should be thrown away. The idea is just to clean the machine out before using it for the first time and to make sure the pressure relief valve is working ok.


  1. Fill the bottom chamber with water, up to the level of the safety valve. Hot water is better and quicker but cold is fine too.
  2. Put the filter basket inside and fill it with ground coffee until it is level, don’t press the coffee down.
  3. Screw the top section onto the bottom section of the pot and place it on the stove on medium to medium-high heat. When hot, the air and water trapped inside the bottom tank expand due to the heat being applied the device. As this happens, it pushes the hot water up a tube, through the coffee, and out of the spout into the top chamber of the pot.
  4. When all of the water has been drawn up and the pot starts to make a gurgling noise, the coffee is ready to pour (approximately 4 to 5 minutes). Remove the Moka pot from the heat. Pour into an espresso cup or mix with hot milk to make caffè latte.


Our producer – Caffè Haiti

Coffee may not have originated in Italy but coffee culture as we know it did. Today Italy is a country of coffee aficionados who will not tolerate (or visit) an establishment that has bad coffee. Italians will even skip coffee in a restaurant to have one at a favourite bar, it is just that important.

We have chosen to work with an organic coffee producer ‘Caffè Haiti Roma’ whose blends have become the coffee of choice for Rome’s best coffee bars for more than 60 years. This family run company was started in Rome in 1950, when Azeglio Martella, Caffè Haiti’s very own “Mister Espresso”, began his long voyage through the world of superior quality coffee.

Caffè Haiti still produce their coffee blends with exclusively artisanal methods. This is the reason why their roastery today is one of the most respected in the market of espresso coffee in the Eternal City and the surrounding region; and now, the rest of Europe is also beginning to appreciate their blends. Caffè Haiti Roma is among the first coffee-roasting enterprises in Italy to have obtained the triple recognition as a “Company with integrated DQS Certification”. We are proud to sell their 100% organic, 100% fairtrade products.

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