Olive Points Rewards

At Vorrei, we’d like to reward your loyalty with our ‘Olive Points’ programme which enables you to earn points every time you order from us. Simply save up your points for discounts on future purchases. Please note that this Programme replaces the Rewards Scheme on our previous website. 

What are Olive Points?

Olive Points is a reward scheme from vorrei.co.uk. Every time you order, you collect Olive Points, which you can use to receive discounts on future orders with us.

How do I collect Olive Points?

It is very simple to begin collecting Olive Points. Once you have registered as a customer you can sign up to our rewards programme. Then every time you make a purchase your Olive Points will be automatically added to your account.

How many Olive Points will I receive for each order?

For every £1 spent you will receive 10 Olive Points.

Once you have 300 Olive Points you can cash them in and receive your own personalised voucher code to use at check out.

The table below shows you some examples of the number of Olive Points you can collect and how much they are worth.

Amount Spent Olive Points Worth
£30.00 300 £1.00 off your next order!
£60.00 600 £2.00 off your next order!
£120.00 1200 £4.00 off your next order!


Can I earn Olive Points in other ways?

Yes! You can add to your points in the following ways:

Like our page on Facebook

50 Points

Share our page on Facebook

50 Points

Follow us on Instagram

50 Points

Follow us on Twitter

50 Points


How much are my Olive Points worth?

You collect 1 Olive Point for every 10p spent. Each point is worth £0.003, so 300 Olive Points will save you £1.00 off your next order, equal to 3% cash back!

You can only redeem Olive Points at vorrei.co.uk. You cannot exchange them for cash or other items. Olive Points are not transferable.