About Vorrei

From Rome to Essex

Vorrei is a family-run Italian food retailer, specialising in bringing the culture of great tasting, authentic Italian food and wine to the UK.

Founders, Luca and Nicola Pagliaro, lived in Italy for 15 years and set up Vorrei 7 years ago when they returned to Britain and were unable to find healthy, natural Italian food & wine which had not been industrially-produced.

Vorrei combines traditional specialities and exciting new products, many of which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is a great place to source the best quality ingredients to recreate simple, delicious Italian meals at home. 


Our Philosophy

Traditional Italian culture is to take time to savour and enjoy food. Vorrei supports the Slow Food Movement, an initiative that was founded in Italy to counter the rise of a fast food culture and promote a better way to eat.

All of our products are ethically sourced from small-scale farmers who are committed to sustainable farming practices. Many of these farmers have organic certification and some 60% of our range is organic.

Our products are not packed with preservatives, artificial colours or flavour enhancers. Even better, because we deal directly with our suppliers, we are able to match our quality with great prices.


Our Aim

We are not simply an online Italian food shop. Our aim is to pass on our knowledge of the culture of real Italian food.

We can do this because we have a direct link to the producer. We are able to provide our customers with a wealth of information about our products.

Our product range has genuine provenance and is complemented by traditional Italian recipes, often suggested by our suppliers or passed down through our extended Italian family.

Our vision is to raise the profile of real, unsophisticated Italian food & wine which is not produced on an industrial scale.


"We sell Italian food that is good for our customers, good for the people who grow it and good for the environment."