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San Marzano Tomatoes

This section features the renowned San Marzano tomatoes from Campania, loved by chefs all over Italy and across the world and said to be the best canned tomatoes money can buy! These are simple, natural peeled, plum tomatoes with nothing else added to them; no additives, preservatives or colourants.

Our tomatoes, produced by Agrigenus and grown in the rich organic soil around Mount Vesuvius have just been voted the best quality San Marzano tomatoes in Italy. They have also been awarded the prestigious 'DOP' (or Protected Designation of Origin) certification. This ensures that the tomatoes are locally grown by local farmers using traditional methods and locally packaged too - it's a promise of high quality.  

Our range also includes the Slow Food Napoli tomatoes (the ancient variety, said to be the orignal San Marzano which had almost died out until reintroduced in the nineties by a project led by the Campania Region in collaboration with the Slow Food movement).  You can also find jars of San Marzano Passata, canned cherry tomatoes and cannellini beans

We are confident that if you try our tomatoes in your Italian pasta sauce recipes or on a homemade pizza you will definitely taste the difference! Be sure to take a look at our simple San Marzano pasta sauce recipe on the Vorrei Blog and also check out our herbs and spices including the wonderful Calabrian oregano and spicy chilli powder to help you create some authentic & delicious dishes.

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