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Organic Calabrian Black Capocollo

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Weight: 350-400g approx

We are excited to introduce you to our new range of very special organic, free range cold cuts, salsiccie and 'Nduja! Our products are hand made with meat from black pigs ethically reared in the wild in Calabria, southern Italy.

Calabrian black pork is renowned in Italy because it contains higher levels of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-3, omega-6 series and omega-9. The presence of healthy fats (68% as opposed to 30-40% in other types of salami), means that Calabrian Black cold cuts are much better for cholesterol levels than normal salami and said to be as good for you as tuna or salmon!

Capocollo is a traditional Italian dish – a cured meat from the neck or shoulder of pork, capo means head, collo is neck. It is possible to find varieties of this meat in many regions of Italy, only two carry the DOP label ensuring the highest care in production and guaranteeing that the product is only made in specific geographic areas

Light red in colour, its taste is intense and it has a delicate aroma. It is amply spiced; sometimes smoked or conserved in olive oil or flavoured with cooked wine.

Capocollo is cylindrical in shape and its surface is entirely wrapped in natural casing and tied with strings.

Capocollo is great by itself, finely sliced, as an appetizer or a traditional snack, maybe with some thick bread. It can be served on a board along with other cold cuts such as Soppressata, Pancetta or Salsiccia di Calabria. Even some local Calabrian cheeses, as Caciocavallo Silano or Canestrato Pugliese would go perfectly alongside it.

Choose quite full bodied red wines to accompany your capocollo such as Cirò DOC, Primitivo di Manduria DOC or perhaps Barbera.


Calabrian Black pork, salt.

Our Producer

Azienda Agricola Romano

Since 2009 Angelo Romano has been breeding Calabrian Black Pigs which roam freely and peacefully in the wild, 1,100m above sea level in the Sila Mountains overlooking the Ionian Sea. The territory (wooded landscapes and small pastures) provides optimal conditions and the ideal habitat for this native breed of pig. The Calabrian Black grows very slowly and reproduces in complete harmony with nature, and is therefore not very profitable for intensive breeding. It was brought back from extinction by passionate small scale farmers like Angelo and the Consortium of the ‘Suino Nero di Calabria’. Angelo’s 100 pigs have the perfect characteristics for the production of high quality salami. They are bred with great care and plenty of attention to animal welfare. They are robust and enjoy the temperate climate and plenty of sunshine outdoors year round. They have a healthy diet, feeding only on natural products found in the wild, including acorns, chestnuts, vegetables, olives, herbs and cereals. As a consequence the sausages and hams produced have an intense natural sweet flavour and the meat is so tender it melts in the mouth. 

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