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Five Minute Gluten Free Meals Gift Box

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The perfect gift for a friend, relative or colleague who loves Italian food and follows a gluten free diet! We have combined the best pasta, sauces, oils and risotto mixes to make it easy for your recipient to create a range of quick, tasty meals!

What's inside
  • Mezzi Rigatoni Pasta (400g) As firm and tasty as traditional durum wheat pasta, our gluten free Rummo mezzi rigatoni are bronze die cut giving extra texture to the pasta for your favourite sauces to cling to! Made with brown rice and GMO-free raw white and yellow corn, these easy to digest rigatoni cook in just 10 minutes. 
  • Spaghetti (400g) Just like our rigatoni, our gluten free spaghetti is made with rice and GMO free corn. Also ready in 10 minutes it pairs perfectly with our Puttanesca sauce.
  • San Marzano Tomato Passata (380ml) Passata is a form of tomato purée that has been passed through a sieve to remove the seeds and skins. It is therefore very smooth, and suitable for a number of uses where a finer purée is required. It combines perfectly with our dried Tropea Onion Sauce mix!
  • Puttanesca Pasta Sauce (330g) This ready-to-use pasta sauce is robust and a little fiery, probably much like the ladies of the night from Naples who gave it its name! When teamed with spaghetti, it certainly an easy and satisfying meal and is full of ingredients which are typical of Southern Italian cuisine including San Marzano tomatoes, olives, capers and garlic
  • Truffle Sauce (90g) A rich flavourful black summer truffle sauce made with black summer truffle, champignon mushrooms, and black olives. Great in pasta and risotto dishes, bruschetta, omelettes and on pizzas.
  • Risotto Mix with Pumpkin (250g) Easy to prepare with all natural ingredients, this tasty pumpkin Carnaroli risotto makes for a quick and gourmet main or side dish.
  • Courgette & Saffron Risotto Mix (250g). Made with superfine Carnaroli rice, this is a tasty and easy to prepare meal. Just add some olive oil and follow the simple instructions.
  • Basil Oil (175ml) This delicious basil infused oil is made simply from fresh basil and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. It can be used in so many different recipes requiring the taste of basil or simply drizzled on a Caprese salad or as an accompaniment to some warm crusty bread.
  • Tropea Onion Sauce Mix (70g) This blend of Tropea onion and spices comes with a handy wooden spoon and an easy recipe to follow. When added to some olive oil and passata this quickly turns into a delicious sauce to add to your favourite pasta. One packet is enough to make 4 sauces!

    Our gluten free easy meal essentials are presented in a lovely gift box tied with a ribbon.  A gift message option is available at the checkout. Please note that if we are out of stock of any item we reserve the right to substitute it with the most similar available item.


    Gluten Free

    Allergens: Anchovies, capers, celery