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Malfy Lemon Gin

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Volume: 70cl * ABV 41%

The taste of summer in a glass! The flavour of this Italian lemon gin is deliciously zesty and citrus. Made using a selection of six botanicals, as well as an infusion of lemons from Sicily and the Amalfi coast, it is refreshing and not too sweet. 

Add vermouth, tonic or a sparkling mixer to bring the core gin botanicals back to the flavour profile of a long drink, or, sip neat for nostalgic notes of sunny Italian days!

Malfy con Limone is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Did you know that gin was invented in Italy? Italian monks are thought to have used juniper berries as flavourings in distilled spirits way back in the 11th Century! Juniper grows in the wild across Italy and is what gives gin its characteristic flavour.

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Our Cocktail Suggestion

Malfy con Limone and Tonic

  • A mound of ice in a glass
  • A large measure of Malfy con Limone
  • Top with a small bottle of tonic 
  • Finish with a slice of (Italian) lemon
Our Producer 

Torino Distillati

The Vergnano Family distillery is in Moncalieri, just outside the city of Torino - An area famed for its production of fine wines and spirits. Established in 1906, Torino Distillati is run by the Vergnano family, Carlo, his wife Piera and their children Rita and Valter. Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni are their Master Distillers.