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Biodynamic Organic Franciacorta Vintage Satèn 1701 DOCG

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  • Grape           100% Chardonnay
  • Vintage        2017
  • Size              75cl
  • ABV.             12.5% 
  • Winemaker  1701 Franciacorta
  • Region          Lombardy

In the world of sparkling wines, Saten stands out as a symbol of Franciacorta
elegance. This 'Metodo Classico' sparkling wine, made primarily from Chardonnay
grapes with a touch of Pinot Bianco, is characterised by its softness and delicate
bubbles. Named for the silky texture it evokes, Saten is regulated to ensure its
quality, with specific requirements for grape varieties, production methods, and
pressure levels. Unlike other Franciacorta varieties, Saten is always Brut, with a
maximum pressure of 5 atmospheres. Its organoleptic profile features bright yellow
hues, subtle fruit and floral notes, and a creamy mouthfeel.

Ideal for refined pairings, Saten complements seafood, sushi, grilled fish, lean meats, and vegetarian dishes with its finesse and elegance.

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Allergens: Sulphites

Our Producer 

1701 Franciacorta

Since their inception in 2011, this company has been dedicated to crafting quality wines that blend innovation with tradition. Acquiring the estate from the Conti Bettoni Cazzago family, they embarked on a journey rooted in history and passion. Their winery, named 1701, pays homage to the inaugural vintage of a wine born from the enchanting 'Brolo' vineyard, enclosed by 11th-century walls. Today, this same vineyard, nestled within the magnificent Palazzo Bettoni, yields an exceptional Blanc de Noirs.

Their story intertwines with the land and its people, bound by ideals, passions, and emotions. They embrace a philosophy centered on reconnecting with nature, fostering a deep love for agriculture, and embracing biodynamic principles as a way of life. By abolishing synthetic fertilisers and chemical pesticides, they embrace environmentally conscious farming practices that enhance soil health and produce wines imbued with unique flavours. As pioneers of biodynamic viticulture in Franciacorta, they obtained organic certification in 2015 and biodynamic certification from Demeter in 2016 first for the region.