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Terroir – Luxury Handmade Chocolates and Figs Gift Box

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This is an incredible assortment of hand made chocolates and fig specialities presented in a beautiful gift box. Made with the finest local ingredients from the Cilento area of Italy and infused with wonderful Mediterranean aromas, this collection makes a really special, memorable gift for someone who appreciates the fine things in life!

What's inside
  • Mastrino – Figs with hazelnuts and almonds, flavoured with laurel leaves.
  • Fagottino – Figs with almonds, raisins and lemon preserved in fig leaves.
  • Scugnizzi – Figs dusted with bitter cocoa and cinnamon.
  • Sciuscià – Extra dark chocolates (70% cocoa) with chestnut and rum.
  • Limonfichi - Extra dark chocolates (70% cocoa) with figs and Limoncello.
  • Dottatini - Extra dark chocolates (70% cocoa) with figs, almonds and fresh lemon peel.
  • Filetti di limoni – Delicious candied lemon slices with pistachios coated with a layer of extra dark chocolate (70% cocoa)

Exclusive to Vorrei in the UK and available in a limited quantity!

Our Producer


In 1999 Antonio Longo took over his Grandfather’s farm near Paestum just south of the Amalfi Coast in the Cilento region of Italy. His dream was to revive the commercial production of a rare, prized variety of fig, the White Dottato fig, which had practically died out. The White Dottato Cilento fig has a dense white pulp that is extra sweet and tender but is difficult to harvest.

Plain dried figs from Cilento taste wonderful by themselves but Antonio’s company ‘Santomiele’ transforms them into masterpieces. They dry them in the hot Cilento sun on large baskets, fill them with almonds, walnuts and citrus peel, flavour them with spices, soaks them in liqueur, cover them in luxurious chocolate and gift wrap them in fig leaves and bamboo shoots. They create exquisite, unique delicacies that are works of art, only available in very limited quantities and exclusively in the run up to Christmas.

Armani and Fiat are regular customers, choosing to send Antonio’s specialities to their very best clients. Even the Queen is said to be a fan after having been given some as a gift by a Lord!

Santomiele has gained a reputation across Italy and in the USA, not only for the attractive and unusual packaging, but particularly for the high standard of the figs and amazing fillings. 

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