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Hand Crafted Italian Sherlock Gin 47%

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Volume: 70cl  * ABV 47%

Sherlock is a complex, pleasant smooth and blended artisanal, hand crafted gin made from seven botanicals: Juniper, Allspice, Lime, Sweet Orange, Cardamom, Coriander, Angelica,

When tasting Sherlock Gin, a multitude of olfactory and gustatory sensations are generated. The taste of juniper and allspice numbs the tongue, while the high-quality alcohol works the gums. Sweet orange fills the mouth with its round flavour, which is smoothed out by the tartness of lime with its sour taste. Upon exhaling, the balsamic and freshness of cardamom burst into the mouth. Finally, the bitterness of angelica is softly felt.

Sherlock is a versatile gin. It can be used for numerous types of cocktails and drinks. Its best performance is in a martini cocktail accompanied by high-quality vermouth . Sherlock can be enjoyed neat, perhaps on the rocks with a lime twist or with tonic water!

Bathtub Gin

The method of production is known as 'bathtub', in other words the cold infusion of botanicals with premium grain alcohol. Time is the fundamental ingredient that allows spices to transfer almost entirely their aroma to alcohol. The alcohol is then diluted with demineralized water to reach the 47 % vol. , which is the alcohol content chosen to allow the botanicals to explode and pervade the sense of smell of those who taste Sherlock. To give the taster an authentic experience of perception of taste, the Sherlock is not filtered and therefore takes an intense yellow colour.

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