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Limoncello Succ'Agro Borsci

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This wonderfully tart but sweet and super-citrussy Limoncello has been produced with wonderful lemons from Puglia in Southern Italy. This Limoncello is made naturally from only lemons, sugar and water. No artificial flavours or colours are added.

Limoncello is one of Italy's most famous 'digesivi' or after-dinner drinks.  Sweet, crisp and refreshing, it is normally served chilled (but not over ice) in a shot glass or a small ceramic cup to bring out its flavours. Keep it in the freezer - it won't freeze but tastes amazing icy cold! 

Try it too in an aperitif served with Prosecco or in a cocktail. Limoncello can also be served on ice cream or used in desserts such as lemon Tiramisu'.

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Our Cocktail Suggestion

Limoncello Mojito

  • 6cl Limoncello 
  • 1cl Sugar syrup
  • Soda (top)
  • Cucumber
  • Basil
  • Crushed ice

Begin by placing the basil and sugar syrup in a highball glass and begin with a light beating. Pour the ice into the glass and mix adding the Limoncello and soda. Serve with cucumber and basil leaves. 

Our Producer 


Since 1840 the Borsci family have been producing incredible liqueurs (including the 'Elisir San Marzano') from natural, local ingredients and following ancient recipes.