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Organic Bergamot Infused Extra Virgin Olive OIl

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Volume: 250ml

Our new collection of organic infused extra virgin oils are made in Southern Italy following a traditional, entirely natural process.  Created by pressing organic Calabrian bergamot fruit together with organic, single estate Ottobratica olives, this unique oil is beautifully balanced, tasty and healthy. It is very low in acidity (just 0.2%) and high in polyphenols (the anti-oxidants that are said to help prevent cancer, arteriosclerosis and slow down the ageing process).

Indigenous to the Calabria region, bergamots are a citrus fruit with a powerful aroma and fragrant juice. The essential oil obtained from the peel is energising and uplifting and used in many perfumes and supplements as well as in Earl Grey tea.

This organic infused oil is the perfect accompaniment to seafood, braised meats, beetroot salads, grilled vegetables and spicy cheeses. It also makes a great ingredient for fruit and chocolate based desserts.


Extra virgin olive oil (97%) Organic bergamot (3%)

Our Producer 

Azienda Agricola e Frantoio Oleario Pata

Esablished in 1910, Pata is a family run farm located in Limbadi in the province of Vibo Valentia in Calabria. Using only local organic produce and following purely organic faming methods, the Pata family produce a range of natural products which are unparalelled in terms of taste and healthiness.