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Create a lasting impression with this luxury hamper. It’s packed with 31 of our very best products which your recipient will enjoy and remember long after their very last sip of Barolo and bite of plump chocolate coated fig! We have selected our favourite antipasti, pasta shapes, sauces and sweets and presented them in this beautiful large wicker hamper.

What’s inside
  • Cavaletto Barolo Bricco Boschis DOCG Organic (750ml) Barolo is known as the 'King of Red Wine', deliciously deep and ruby red and made from 100% Nebbiolo for Barolo grapes. Our Barolo is produced in Piemonte by pioneering Barolo producers Cavalloto and it is their flagship wine. Natural and organic, this 2012 Barolo was scored 91/100 by Wine Searcher who collate scores and awards from the world's top palates. The 100 point scale is the most common way of scoring wine and a score between 90 and 94 signifies an 'Outstanding wine of superior character and style'.
  • Pithos Bianco Cos Biodynamic 'Orange Wine' (750ml) Not everyone is familiar with Orange Wine; it is a type of wine which dates back centuries and its origins can be traced to Armenia, Georgia and Iran. It made a comeback in the eighties and nineties in the Friuli region and is now also produced by COS in Sicily. Orange wine is a white wine made from white grapes but in the way that red wine is made. There is very little intervention on the part of the wine maker. Extended skin contact gives the wine an amber to deep orange hue, in fact this type of wine is also known as 'amber' wine or 'ramato' in Italian. Orange wine certainly tastes different to normal white wine, it is soft and understated and intense at the same time.
  • Limoncello di Sorrento (700cl) Limoncello is traditionally served chilled in a small flute glass as an after-dinner digestivo. An increasingly popular ingredient in cocktails, it gives a vibrant lemon flavour but is not at all bitter. 
  • Metinella Amen Vin Santo (375cl) Vin santo wines are known to have been made since at least the Middle Ages, and have become a traditional part of Tuscan life. They are offered as a welcoming drink to house guests, and are often enjoyed as a dessert with Cantucci biscuits. The wines are still produced widely today, and were finally recognized under DOC law in 1997. This is an excellent "vino da meditazione" or sipping wine; it pairs well with all types of biscuits as a dessert wine and can also be enjoyed with herbed cheeses served with fruit preserves and mostarda.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) Giovanni Marvulli’s 'Cenzino' extra virgin olive oil from Matera, Basilicata is both healthy and full of flavour. It is a certified, multi award winning organic oil, fruity with a distinct almond after taste and an elegant aroma.
  • Organic Mandarin Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml) This organic oil not only tastes incredible but is also rich in vitamin C, contains calcium, phosphorus, beta-carotene and folic acid. It's the perfect accompaniment to your salads, red meat, oily fish and a variety of cheeses. It also makes a great ingredient for tarts and cakes.
  • Organic Garlic, Black Pepper & Balsamic Olive Oil (250ml) Created by combining two Italian classics - organic Balsamic vinegar from Modena together with organic, single estate Ottobratica olives, this unique oil is beautifully balanced, tasty and healthy. Fabulous as a salad dressing or simply as a dipping oil, this is the perfect accompaniment to your red meats, grilled and poached fish and a variety of cheeses.
  • Fourth Centenary 15 Year Old Balsamic Vinegar (250g) This special quality balsamic vinegar was created to celebrate four centuries of production by the Giusti family. Obtained from the most precious grapes, aged for many years in barrels dating back to the 1800’s, full bodied with an unmistakeable aromatic bouquet and a lasting sweet aftertaste, it is an exceptional addition to many recipes, grilled steak, sautéed chicken, a wedge of Parmesan, fresh strawberries or ice cream or just directly from the spoon
  • Fig Balsamic Glaze (120ml) This fig balsamic cream glaze has been made by the Giusti family in Modena by skillfully reducing aged balsamic vinegar without the addition of any caramel or colouring. It has a thick consistency, a fine velvety texture and an exquisite fig flavour. Popular with chefs, balsamic glazes are really easy and versatile to use at home, giving a fabulous finishing touch to a range of dishes.
  • Organic Truffle Oil (100ml) Our delicate truffle oil is made with extra virgin olive oil and flavoured with real white truffles. Wonderful when added to pasta, drizzled on to meat or a pizza, it will give an wonderful truffle kick to your dishes.
  • Organic Campofilone Egg Truffle Fettuccine (250g) These very special fettuccine have been hand made in Campofilone in Italy’s Marche region and flavoured with aromatic, black summer truffle. Campofilone Fettuccine are recognized as one of the best Italian pastas thanks to the freshness of the natural raw materials and ancient traditional preparation. They are rolled until exceptionally thin and have an incredible flavour and texture due to slow drying at just above room temperature. Season with light sauces or even better with extra virgin olive oil or butter, and a sprinkling of cheese of your choice. Cooking time 2-3 minutes.
  • Gragnano Fusilli Bucati Pasta (500g) Bronze die cut, dried at low temperatures and made in Gragnano the birthplace of dry pasta, our beautiful Pasta Gragnanese Fusilli Bucati not only taste better and retain all of their goodness when cooked, they also have plenty of surface area to absorb the flavour and liquid of the sauce with which it they are served.
  • Gragnano Gran Riccioli Pasta (500g) Gran Riccioli means 'Large Curls' and this corkscrew like pasta is the perfect shape for capturing all types of sauces from fish to meat, ricotta to vegetable.
  • Five Colour Heart Pasta (500g) These beautiful, brightly coloured hearts will add fun to your Italian meals!  Adults and kids alike will want this artisan pasta for every meal. It goes really well with all types of sauces and keeps its lovely heart shape when cooked. Great for special meals or just to brighten up the day, our pasta hearts are coloured and flavoured with 100% natural ingredients.
  • Organic Tomato Passata (720ml) Prima Bio's organic tomato passata is produced with round tomatoes grown on their farms in the province of Foggia in Puglia. The tomato variety chosen to make this exquisite tomato nectar is the round 'Delfo' type, known for its compact and well-structured pulp and its delicate taste.
  • Wholegrain Black Venus Rice (500g) This medium whole grain, aromatic, black rice is a delicate alternative to white rice. It has a mild nutty flavour and is ideal for preparing risottos (with cheese, fish and shell fish) as well as rice salads and side dishes.
  • Risotto Mix with Saffron and Courgettes (250g) Our risotto mixes are prepared with superfine Carnaroli rice and made to a traditional family recipe.  Easy to prepare with all natural ingredients, this tasty saffron risotto makes for a quick and gourmet main or side dish. Just add a drop of olive oil or butter, a little dry white wine and hot water and cook for around 18 minutes. Serve with a sprinkling of grated parmesan.
  • Tomato Sauce with Porcini Mushrooms (330g) The aroma of this tomato pasta sauce is immediately recognizable – fabulous porcini mushrooms have been added to the San Marzano sauce to create an amazingly tasty, but healthy sauce.
  • Organic Fair Trade Arabica Coffee (250g) This is an organic coffee that originates from plantations in total harmony with the environment, where natural growing practices make absolutely no use of any harmful substance for man and the environment and contribute to maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Our Caffè Haiti “BIO” blend, made of 100% Arabica coffee is both 100% organic and 100% fair trade. Ideal for espresso pots, caffettiere and filter coffee machines.
  • Aromatic Herb Sea Salt (200g) A completely natural blend of Sicilian sea salt and Pink Himalayan salt flavoured with a blend of herbs. Excellent for just sprinkling on your salads, pasta dishes or vegetables to add flavour and aroma.
  • Lemon Sea Salt (200g) Excellent for just sprinkling on your salads, pasta dishes or vegetables to add flavour and aroma. Great for cooking with, especially for seasoning and flavouring fish, shell fish, red and white meat.
  • Artichoke Hearts in Olive Oil (314ml) These tasty whole Italian artichoke hearts are a much loved Sicilian antipasto. Super soft and tender but crisp at the same time, they have been selected and picked one by one, by hand and placed fresh into the jar. They are preserved in locally produced Sicilian olive oil.
  • ‘Nduja Spreadable Salami (190g) ‘Nduja is cured spreadable Calabrian salami, with herbs, salt and naturally lots of chilli pepper. Bright red in colour with a fiery taste, our ‘Nduja is the real thing, made in Spilinga in the province of Vibo Valentia, the birthplace of this delicacy.
  • Grilled Aubergine & Aged Pecorino Antipasto (190g) This delicious antipasto is an explosion of sweet and salty flavours in a jar! Made with wonderful grilled Mediterranean aubergines and Pecorino cheese, it can be eaten cold or warm, spread onto a bruschetta or a pizza, or alongside meat or fish.
  • Sundried Tomato, Almond and Pistachio Paté (180g). Hand made in Southern Italy from top quality local ingredients, this is a delicious topping for bruschette and crackers.
  • Sicilian Aubergine Caponata (314ml) If you have visited Siciliy, the chances are you will have tried Caponata! Made from chopped aubergines and other mixed veggies, Caponata is a traditional, much-loved vegetarian dish which is full of Mediterranean flavour.
  • Mini Citrus Marmalade Set (4 x 40g) This set of 4 typically Calabrian citrus fruit marmalades is great if you would just like to try some new flavours without buying a larger jar. It includes bergamot, cedro (citron), mandarin and lemon. Try them on buttered toast, muffins or scones and also with cheese.
  • Figs with Rum, Almond & Pistachio "Capicollo" (300g) The Capicollo is an exquisite must-have delicacy to be enjoyed all year round! This gorgeous hand made roll of the sweetest, most tender white figs from the Cilento in Southern Italy has been sweetened with toasted almonds and pistachios. The packaging is original and eye-catching and the aroma and flavour of the figs irrestistible. Excellent as a dessert accompanied by an aged marsala or rum. Wonderful warmed in the oven for 5 minutes at around 50 degrees.
  • Dark Chocolate Fig Bites (250g) Selected dried Calabrian figs baked in the oven and covered with extra dark chocolate. For almost 90 years, the Marano family in Amantea Calabria has been making delicious handmade sweets from the locally grown Dottato figs. These single dried figs have been baked in the oven and coated with extra dark chocolate.
  • Modican Chocolate with Pistacchio (70g) Made without cocoa butter or animal fat, it is chocolate in one of its purest forms. Perfect in the summer as it doesn’t melt in your hand! It will though dissolve in water to make a delicious hot drink!. No preservatives or dyes, no added vegetable fats, milk or lecithin.
  • Sicilian Marzipan Fruits (200g) Realistically coloured with vegetable dyes and shaped like fruits and vegetables, these hand-made marzipan sweets are wonderful as a gift or look amazing displayed on the table as a special after dinner treat!

We wrap all breakable items carefully and individually inside the box and then tie with a beautiful ribbon. A gift message option is available at the checkout for you to send a personalised message to your recipient.

Please note that if we are out of stock of any item we reserve the right to substitute it with the most similar available item.

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