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Chitarra Pasta Cutter

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Chitarra means 'guitar' in Italian, which perfectly describes this fabulous piece of equipment that originated in the central Abruzzo region. A chitarra is basically a wooden frame strung with music wire, which is used to cut fresh pasta into strands. The Chitarra has 'strings' on both sides, one side will cut 3mm wide strands of pasta (like spaghetti) and the other 5mm tagliatelle type strands.

To use this simple device just roll out your pieces of pasta dough by hand or by using a more modern pasta machine, dust each sheet with flour and then place each sheet of fresh pasta on the wires. Then press the sheet through the wires with a rolling pin to quickly and effectively cut the pasta into strands. Then toss the pasta to separate, and set aside before cooking.

The Chitarra makes wonderful pasta which absorbs sauce really well.

We suggest a simple tomato and basil sauce or perhaps the typically Roman 'cacio e pepe' (pecorino and black pepper).

Our Producer

Panetta Casalinghi

Panetta Casalinghi was founded in Omegna (Piemonte) in 1978 by Antonio Panetta. At the very beginning this artisan company hand made small wooden items for the kitchen. It quickly grew to become one of the most important suppliers of wooden kitchenware in Italy later adding metal articles to its range.

Panetta successfully combines tradition and innovation. We love their excellent quality products which all come with the "Made in Italy" guarantee of great design and functionality.