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Smoked Ricotta Salata

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Weight: 250g (approx.)

Ricotta salata is a harder, saltier version (salata means salted) of the soft Ricotta that we are familiar with. When the ricotta is aged for 10 days (stagionata), pressed and salted it becomes harder and more crumbly but still retains the milky creaminess of traditional ricotta. 

This type of Ricotta is usually grated on pasta, risotto or soup adding a real depth of flavour to the dish. Sicilian 'Pasta alla Norma' is one recipe requiring Ricotta Salata. Try it too crumbled on a salad (like feta), it goes particularly well with fruity salads, for example with watermelon or orange.

Our ricotta salata comes shrink-wrapped. Once open wrap well with foil and it will keep in the fridge for around 2 weeks.

- Smoked ricotta is a typically Calabrian cheese

- Comes from Pecorino whey

- Naturally smoked

- Can be served in pieces, eaten on bread, grated it on pasta 

- Strong and unmistakable flavour


Sheep milk, sheep whey, natural aroma, salt. No additives or preservatives.

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