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Auricchio Provolone Classico

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Pasteurised cow's milk

In 1877, in San Giuseppe Vesuviano near Naples, a company named "Auricchio" was founded by Gennaro Auricchio. Gennaro is also the inventor of the special rennet which gives Auricchio Provolone its unique flavour. Auricchio Provolone gained fame quickly and by the end of the 19th century, the surname of its producer had become a byword for the cheese itself. Provolone derives its name from the Neapolitian words "Prova" or "Provola", which mean globe shaped. Provolone is created in a variety of globe-like shapes, in a range of sizes. 

If you take mozzarella, hand-rub the surface with brine, bind it with rope and hang it up in a room with the proper temperature and humidity, it will turn into an entirely different cheese called Provolone. This cow’s milk cheese is found in virtually every Italian home. Auricchio Provolone Piccante has a succulent buttery flavour which is quite sharp and nutty with a satisfyingly smooth and salty bite.

Provolone cheese is a complete food, rich in calcium and in those proteins that are essential elements for the development of human body and the nourishment of bone tissue in all stages of life :

  • Teenagers in developmental age,
  • Adults and sportsmen,
  • The elderly, for whom calcium is crucially needed.

Serving Suggestions

Provolone is a great every day table cheese. It's also perfect for antipasti platters served alongside olives, spicy dips, soppressata and peppers in oil. It also melts well so is great in panini, baked pasta dishes and on pizzas. Serve with a full bodied, aged red wine.

How to store

Keep wrapped in naturally waxed paper in the fridge, ideally inside a slightly opened container so that the cheese still gets some oxygen. Provolone should keep for 3-4 weeks. Remember to remove from the fridge an hour or so before serving to bring the cheese up to room temperature.

*Please note that we cut each individual piece of cheese freshly, so occasionally individual pieces may weigh very slightly under or very slightly over the stated weight.

Unpasteurised cow's milk, rennet, salt.