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Organic Fairtrade Italian Coffee

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Gold Medal Winner at the International Coffee Tasting Awards, Asia, December 2015 - selected from 89 different coffees from 10 different countries.

This is an organic coffee that originates from plantations in total harmony with the environment, where natural growing practices make absolutely no use of any harmful substance for man and the environment and contribute to maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Our Caffè Haiti “BIO” blend, made of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta coffee is both 100% organic and 100% fair trade. It has a smooth & creamy aromatic taste and is of superior quality.

Coffee is a real superfood with many health benefits. Coffee helps to feel less tired and increase energy levels, it is an effective fat-burning supplement, it contains essential nutrients like vitamins (B2, B3 and B5) and it is a source of manganese and potassium. Moreover, coffee drinkers have a significantly reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, parkinsons, alzheimers and dementia, are less depressed and more happy!

Our organic coffee is ideal for espresso pots, caffetiere and filter coffee machines.

Our Producer

Caffè Haiti

Coffee may not have originated in Italy but coffee culture as we know it did. Today Italy is a country of coffee aficionados who will not tolerate (or visit) an establishment that has bad coffee. Italians will even skip coffee in a restaurant to have one at a favourite bar, it is just that important.

We have chosen to work with an organic coffee producer ‘Caffè Haiti Roma’ whose blends have become the coffee of choice for Rome’s best coffee bars for more than 60 years. This family run company was started in Rome in 1950, when Azeglio Martella, Caffè Haiti’s very own “Mister Espresso”, began his long voyage through the world of superior quality coffee.

Caffè Haiti still produce their coffee blends with exclusively artisanal methods. This is the reason why their roastery today is one of the most respected in the market of espresso coffee in the Eternal City and the surrounding region; and now, the rest of Europe is also beginning to appreciate their blends. Caffè Haiti Roma is among the first coffee-roasting enterprises in Italy to have obtained the triple recognition as a “Company with integrated DQS Certification”. We are proud to sell their 100% organic, 100% fairtrade products.


What Does Organic Coffee Really Mean?

To get the organic seal a coffee farm must meet the following requirements: No synthetic pesticides or prohibited substances used in the past three years Have a sustainable crop rotation plan to prevent erosion and the loss of nutrients in the soil.

A natural pest prevention plan The coffee must pass an inspection and testing before being allowed into the country and sold as organic.


Organic Coffee – the healthier choice

Of course, along with being healthier for the planet, organic products are healthier for you. There are different rules for imported coffee that is certified organic, and that which isn’t. Both types are inspected for pests, disease, and other problems. If a problem is found, the coffee must either be destroyed or chemically treated, hence losing its organic certification. Certified organic beans are never treated.

There are also different rules for the way the beans are processed afterwards. For example if you enjoy decaf, that regular coffee may be chemically decaffeinated with chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic. To remain organic though, a natural process must be used. Basically, by choosing organic coffee, you are ingesting less chemicals. It really isn’t just the environment that you’re taking care of by choosing organic coffees. It’s also the health of you and your family that benefits!



Our coffee is also 100% Fairtrade. Fairtrade means better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

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