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Gluten Free Pasta Penne Rigate

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Weight: 400g

As firm and tasty as traditional durum wheat pasta, our gluten free Rummo penne are bronze die cut giving extra texture to the pasta for your favourite sauces to cling to!

Made with brown rice and GMO-free raw white and yellow corn, these easy to digest penne cook in just 12 minutes. 


Wholemeal Rice 36%, Yellow Corn 32.5%, White Corn 20%, Rice 8%, Potato Starch 3%, emulsifier E471

Our Producer - Rummo

Six generations of the Rummo family have been producing pasta in Benevento since 1846. Using only the best durum wheat and the purest water from the Sannio Valley, Rummo pasta is made in the traditional, artisan way using the 'Lenta Lavorazione' method whereby the ingredients are selected and handled with the upmost care and the processes are slow and unhurried.