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We have created this fabulous Italian Essentials Hamper which brings together all of those essential items in one place, from extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar to bronze die cut pasta and the renowned San Marzano tomato passata.

All of our products are natural and healthy and do not contain any additives, preservatives or colourants. They are perfect for creating a range of delicious Italian dishes!

The Italian Essentials Hamper is presented in a useful wooden crate that will be handy for storage once you or your recipient has used up the goodies!

What's inside
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml). Giovanni Marvulli’s 'Cenzino' extra virgin olive oil from Matera, Basilicata is both healthy and full of flavour averaging almost three times the polyphenols of typical extra virgin olive oils (see our chart below). A certified organic oil, fruity with a distinct almond after taste and an elegant aroma, wonderful on salads, cooked vegetables, fish and seafood or simply drizzled on your crusty bread or bruschetta.
  • Modena Aged Balsamic Vinegar ‘Il Classico’ (250ml). This a very versatile balsamic vinegar, a twice Gold Medal Winner made from the best musts and aged for eight years in the barrels of Giusti’s famous cask deposit. Giusti are one of the oldest, most respected Balsamic Vinegar producers in Modena.
  • Garlic and Chilli Pepper Oil (175ml). The perfect oil for adding to spaghetti to make garlic, oil and chilli pasta. We love it too in salad dressings and drizzled on a bruschetta.
  • Lemon Flavoured Gourmet Sea Salt (200g). A completely natural blend of Sicilian sea salt and Pink Himalayan salt flavoured with Mediterranean lemons and spices.
  • Sicilian Green Cracked Olives (314ml). These slightly spicy, crushed olives have a bold flavour making them ideal for an aperitivo or a snack in their own right
  • Bronze Die Cut Spaghetti from Gragnano, Naples (500g). Our IGP (Protected Geographic Denomination) spaghetti comes from the home of pasta, Gragnano near Naples. It is a great quality product which retains its shape when cooked and tastes great.
  • Bronze Die Cut Gigli (500g).Gigli are short, fluted pasta shapes, a little like a flower with ruffled edges – in fact gigli in Italian means lilies. Because of their shape and texture, gigli hold chunky sauces really well making them a great choice with vegetables, porcini mushrooms, tomato and meat, they are really popular with the kids too!
  • Carnaroli Rice (1kg). From the famous Northern rice fields of Vercelli, this rice holds its shape really well when cooked and is perfect for risottos.
  • Slow Food San Marzano Tomato Passata (380ml). Made from the world famous San Marzano tomatoes, this passata is perfect for making a delicious pasta sauce.
  • Capri Pasta Sauce Mix (50g). Make a delicious pasta sauce in minutes with this handy mix, just add tomatoes and olive oil!
  • Calabrian Wild Oregano (50g). Our dried oregano has an intensive aromatic fragrance. It's wonderful for flavouring tomato pasta sauces and for sprinkling on tomato bruschette.
  • Salina Capers in Olive Oil (90g). Our capers have IGP status (Protected Geographic Denomination) and come from the Island of Salina. They are said to be the best capers in Italy and also have 'Slow Food' status! Crunchy and full of flavour, they are a great addition to salads and sauces.
  • Dried Porcini Mushrooms (25g). Our Porcini are classified as 'First Extra Quality' and come from the uncontaminated Sila National Park in Calabria. They are hand picked between August and October and are then dried naturally in the sun. Just open the bag and marvel at the amazingly strong, heady aroma - this is the first sign of their quality.
  • Calabrian Dried Chilli Powder (50g). Fabulously spicy dried chilli powder, great for sprinkling abundantly on just about every meal!
  • Anchovy Fillets from Cetara, Amalfi Coast (80g). Preserved in sunflower oil, these anchovy fillets are a healthy ingredient for any dish.
  • Organic Arabica Fair trade Coffee (250g). The favourite coffee in Rome's coffee bars! This is a fair trade Arabica coffee which is full of flavour and ideal for use in Espresso pots, caffettiere and filter coffee machines.

We wrap all breakable items carefully and individually inside the wooden crate, the crate is then wrapped in cellophane and tied with a beautiful ribbon. A gift message option is available at the checkout for you to send a personalised message to your recipient.

Please note that if we are out of stock of any item we reserve the right to substitute it with the most similar available item.