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Wholegrain Black Venus Rice

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Weight: 500g

This medium whole grain, aromatic, black rice is a delicate alternative to white rice. It has a mild nutty flavour and is ideal for preparing risottos (with cheese, fish and shell fish) as well as rice salads and side dishes.

Black 'Venere' rice originated in China and was cultivated exclusively for Chinese Royalty until the 18th Century. It was introduced to the Vercelli region of Italy by a Chines rice expert in the 1990's. Named after the Goddess of Love, it is said to have potent aphrodisiac properies and is sometimes known as the 'Forbidden Rice'!

Venus rice has impressive health benefits, it is low in calories and rich in essential amino acids, fibre, vitamin B, calcium, iron, zinc and selenium. It also boasts one of the highest levels of anthocyanin (a powerful antioxidant with many health benefits) of any food! 

Cooking time, approximately 45 minutes.


Wholegrain rice.

Our Producer

Tenuta Margherita

Tenuta Margherita in Northern Italy has been producing the best varieties of Italian rice since 1904. Covering an area of 250 hectares in the Desana countryside near Vercelli, one of the most important rice growing areas in Italy, this family business takes care of the whole production process, from cultivation in the paddy field to rice drying and processing with bleaching stones in the company rice mill up to careful packing.

The transformation of paddy rice into white rice, using conical bleaching stones, is a slow and delicate process and still today it is considered the best because grains preserve their amber colour as well as their nutritional value and remain intact and uniform. All the green, broken or imperfect grains are carefully eliminated to obtain very high quality rice with an intense flavour and great consistency.

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