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Amaro Averna

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Volume: 70cl * ABV 29%

Amaro Averna embodies the true essence of Sicilian craftsmanship and tradition. Produced in Caltanisetta and dating back to 1868, this exquisite liqueur is a testament to the island's rich gastronomic heritage. Averna's secret recipe is a harmonious blend of meticulously selected herbs and botanicals, capturing the vibrant flavours and aromas of its Mediterranean birthplace.

Averna is sweet, thick and has a gentle herbal bitterness. A classic Italian after-dinner digestive renowned for its versatility and unrivalled depth of character, it can be enjoyed neat, over ice, or incorporated into a tantalising cocktail.

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Our Producer

Campari Group

Amaro Averna is named after its inventor Salvatore Averna who invented the recipe in 1868. The Averna company was acquired in 2014 by the Campari group.