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Amaro Cynar

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Volume: 70cl * ABV 17.5%

Amaro Cynar (pronounced Chee-nar) is a popular bitter liqueur made from the humble artichoke as well as 13 different herbs creating a rich and distinctive taste. The name "Cynar" is a tribute to 'Cynara scolymus', the artichoke. Don't be put off by the principal ingredient though, Cynar tastes of caramel and toffee!

Lower in alcohol and a little sweeter than other amari, Cynar is easy to drink and versatile. It is considered both an aperitivo and a digestive.

Whether enjoyed straight, on the rocks, with a splash of soda water or as an ingredient in innovative cocktails, it offers a taste journey like no other. 

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Created in 1952 by Venetian philanthropist Angelo Dalle Molle, Cynar didn't really gain much popularity until the 1960s. Since being take over by Campari in the nineties, Cynar has gone from strength to strength.