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Sesame & Almonds Torrone "Cobaita"

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Weight: 200g

This delicious Sicilian Torrone is a regional Christmas speciality which has been hand made in Donna Elvira's family run 'laboratorio' in Modica. The Cobaita is a sweet and crunchy Torrone made with all local produce - sesame seeds (from nearby Ispica, almonds from Avola and honey from the Hyblean Mountains. The name Cobaita is said to come from the Arabic word 'qubbiat' which means with almonds.

The honey used in this product is very special. Produced in only a very small area of Sicily (only in the provinces of Siracusa and Ragusa), it has been considered one of the great honeys since ancient times. What characterises this honey is the combination of sensory qualities related to the rich and varied local flora - it has a distincltive colour and flavour.

The secret for a perfect Cobaita is the time of cooking: all the ingredients are put in a pot over low heat and, stirring constantly, they are cooked until both the sesame seeds and the almonds are perfectly toasted. In Modica, Christmas is not Christmas without this treat! 

The Cobaita is made from completely natural ingredients and contains no additives, preservatives or colourants of any type.


Sesame seeds, Avola almonds, Hyblaen wild flower honey, organic cane sugar.

Our Producer 

Donna Elvira

Modica is a small town on Sicily’s southern coast rich in art and history. It has been declared cultural patrimony by UNESCO. In the centre of the town you can find Donna Elvira’s chocolate shop just by following the wonderful aroma!

Our producer Donna Elvira is an award winning family run company, established in 1999 and one of just a handful of producers of the traditionally made Modica chocolate and traditional Sicilian sweet specialities. Their Modican chocolate flavoured with Bolivian Mirror Salt has just been awarded a prestigious Gold Medal at the 2013 Chocolate awards, their vanilla chocolate took silver!

Donna Elvira pride themselves on using organic locally-sourced ingredients as well as the best quality organic cocoa varieties from Central and South America. You will never find anything artificial in their products, neither flavours, colours nor preservatives.