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Biovette Piemontesi with Black Olives

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Weight: 130g

Biovette are small pieces of crispy bread, salted on the surface and hand made in Piemonte.

The secret of the texture and taste is the use of the highest quality ingredients and respect for family tradition in the production process: leavening is slow and natural and all the thin strips of dough are worked by hand before entering the oven; baking is slow so that each biovetta is crispy and golden.Even today, Casa Vecchio Mulino's bakery products preserve the same flavour, fragrance and genuineness as those baked 150 years ago by the company's founder.

Delicious as a snack or to enjoy with cheese, ham or paté.


Wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil (10%), salt, black olives (2%), brewer's yeast, malted grain flour.

Our Producer 

Casa Vecchio Mulino

Casa Vecchio Mulino are a small family company whose history can be traced back to 1860 when Giacomo Bertolone, opened a bakery in Pino Torinese, where he became well-known for his breadsticks “Rubatà”; now located in Carmagnola, a small town 25 km from Turin. The company use only high quality ingredients, these savoury snacks are still stretched by hand and the slow rising and baking give the breadsticks the same flavour and authenticity of those produced by their great great grandfather Giacomo 150 years ago.