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Campari Bitter

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Volume: 70cl * ABV 25%

Campari is an iconic Italian bitter that has a rich history dating back generations. This exquisite liqueur is a harmonious blend of carefully selected bitter herbs, aromatic plants, and succulent fruits, skilfully infused in a balance of alcohol and water. Stronger and more intensive in flavour than Aperol, its striking ruby-red hue is a prelude to the vibrant and multifaceted taste experience that awaits.

Traditionalists serve Campari simply with two parts soda water to one part spirit. Ice is essential as is a slice of orange accentuating the refreshing citrus flavour.

Campari Bitter is also the quintessential ingredient in classic cocktails like the Negroni: one part Campari, one part gin, one part sweet Vermouth or the Negroni Sbagliato (Messed up Negroni) where Prosecco takes the place of the gin.

We also love the Campari Spritz  - Campari and Prosecco; a firm favourite for Campari lovers all over the world!

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