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Cavatelli Pasta

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Weight: 500g

Our handmade, artisanal pasta in traditional shapes and sizes is bronze die cut, dried at low temperatures and made in Cosenza in Calabria.

Cavatelli are small pasta shells which resemble tiny hot dog buns. They originally come from the Molise region but are now commonly used all over Southern Italy. This type of pasta is very flexible and can be used with a variery of sauces. Popular accompaniments are thick, chunky tomato sauces, truffles, mushrooms, broccoli and ragù. Cavatelli also pair particularly well with seafood sauces. Why not try them with our tomato sauce with truffle?


Durum wheat semolina, water.

Our Producer 

Pasta Forte

Pasta Forte, a family-run company, based in Cosenza, Southern Italy makes artisanal pasta from the best selection of durum wheat semolina, using the bronze making procedure and a slow drying process at low temperature.
 The natural ingredients (water and durum wheat semolina), the quality control of the production process, and the handmade packing guarantee the respect for the antique techniques of the Italian tradition of handmade pasta manufacture.