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Grappa Bianca Quaranta

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Volume: 1 litre * ABV 40%

This is a young Grappa obtained through the distillation of a blend of white pomace from Tocai, Prosecco, and Garganega grapes from the Berici Hills and the Valdobbiadene area (Veneto).

Distilled using traditional artisanal methods, the Grappa Bianca Quaranta is exceptionally harmonious and delicate.

Grappa can be enjoyed neat as an after-dinner 'digestive' drink. Un-aged Grappa such as this one should be served chilled. 

It is also popular added to a shot of espresso as a warming drink in the morning or after dinner. This is called Caffè Corretto (Corrected Coffee)!

Our Producer

Fratelli Brunello 

The Fratelli Brunello Distillery has always used a discontinuous direct steam system, one of the few still in operation, operated at low pressure and low temperature. It is made up of 4 boilers strictly made of copper, as tradition dictates.

The distillation cycle is very slow and involves the processing of small batches of pomace (cooked) which lasts approximately an hour and a half.

After distillation, the grappa rests in inert steel containers for at least 6 months during which it becomes rounded and takes on softer and more delicate olfactory sensations.