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Grated Bluefin Bottarga Tuna Roe Reserve

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Known as Mediterranean Caviar, Red Tuna Bottarga is comparable to White Alba Truffle in reputation and very nearly in price. Bottarga is a very simple product with a unique flavour made from salted and cured tuna roe. The roe is prepared using natural processes which respect the local territory and the guidelines of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas.  

The eggs of the red tuna are extracted and then gently pressed, salted, and slowly dried, ensuring the conservation of the species. Red Tuna Bottarga ranges in colour from light pink to dark and has a distinct flavour that complements various dishes.

Like truffles, Bottarga is grated over dishes, adding its unique aroma and flavour to many recipes. Enjoy it on warm bruschetta, over pasta, infused in extra virgin olive oil or in more creative ways to season different dishes such as salad (it goes perfectly with raw artichokes), risotto or even meat, bottarga lends a unique and distinctive ocean flavour to all sorts of dishes.

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Our Producer 


Committed to sustainable fishing practices, Armatore, our supplier from Cetaro on the Amalfi Coast, prioritises the well-being of the seas by implementing a range of measures to protect habitats, biodiversity, and the long-term vitality of targeted species.

Armatore employs selective fishing techniques and responsibly sources from non-overfished stocks, supporting fishing communities and providing environmentally conscious consumers with sustainable products. Additionally, the company utilises sustainable processing tools and eco-friendly, recyclable packaging, further contributing to the preservation of the environment.