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Grilled Aubergine & Aged Pecorino Antipasto

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Weight: 190g

This delicious antipasto is an explosion of sweet and salty flavours in a jar! Made with wonderful grilled Mediterranean aubergines and Pecorino cheese, it can be eaten cold or warm, spread onto a bruschetta or a pizza or alongside meat or fish.


Grilled aubergines (75%), extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, sun dried tomatoes, tomato sauce, bread crumbs, aged Pecorino cheese (sheep's milk, rennet, salt) onion, basil, salt, white wine vinegar.

Our Producer 

Casarecci di Calabria

One of our favourite suppliers in Calabria, Southern Italy is ‘Casarecci di Calabria’. We love both the taste of their superior quality products and their great packaging.

This family firm, established in 1998 is located in the Sila Mountains. Like many of our producers Casarecci di Calabria use old fashioned recipes to create old fashioned products, once the staples of any Southern Italian family and now sought after delicacies. Their entire range is produced without adding any preservatives or colours.