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Luxury Classic Almond Panettone

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Weight: 750g

Our fabulous award winning panettone have been made by top Sicilian Panettone makers Fiasconaro. Fluffy and moist at the same time they have an incredible flavour and aroma and make a wonderful Christmas gift.

  • Traditional artisan Italian Christmas cake 
  • Hand made over two days in October in Sicily with locally produced ingredients
  • An alternative to the mass-produced panettoni you find in the shops
  • Made with sour dough and left to rise naturally over 36 hours giving an amazingly light, fluffy texture
  • No chemical additives or preservatives
  • Flavoured with raisins, topped with crunchy almonds and icing glaze
  • Beautifully hand-wrapped

Soft wheat flour, raisins (18%), butter, sugar, fresh egg white, rice flour, flour, apricot seeds, starch, natural yeast, fresh egg yolk, granulated sugar, marsala wine, PDO, Sicilian almonds, Sicilian honey, sugar syrup, orange paste, lemon juice, zibibbo wine IGP, cocoa butter powdered milk, salt, natural flavourings, emulsfier: fatty acids, vanilla berries, may contain other nuts and soy.

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The Fiasconaro family story started back in 1953 in Sicily when Mario Fiasconaro gradually turned his small ice cream parlour into a thriving confectionary and pastry business. His three children, brothers Fausto, Martino e Nicola, little more than children, helped him in their free time and learnt the craft. Today the Fiasconaro brothers head the company that bears their name: Fausto is the showroom manager, Martino leads the administration, Nicola is the award-winning pastry chef. In the nineties, it was Nicola who developed a Sicilian version of the most traditional cake of Northern Italy - the Panettone. 

Today Fiasconaro is a modern, growing company recognised both nationally and internationally, passionate about the tastes of their island and about creating artisan products using traditional ingredients and methods.



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