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Fresh Calabrian 'Nduja 500g

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Weight: 500g (approx)

'Nduja is a traditional spicy Calabrian salame made with finely minced black pork meat mixed with chilli pepper and salt. Seasoned from 40 to 90 days depending on its size, soft, creamy and pleasantly chewy, this unique, spreadable salami is a vibrant orangey-red colour (from the chilli) and has a strong, distinctive taste. 

The spicy kick of 'Nduja can be felt everywhere, from the palate to the nose and then especially in the throat! It's extremely addictive too!

This traditional pork salami originating from Calabria in southern Italy, is renowned for its fiery spiciness and rich, spreadable texture, making it a beloved ingredient in a variety of dishes ranging from pasta sauces to pizza toppings.

Our 'Nduja is a 100% natural product made with no additives and preservatives. It comes in a natural casing and is then vacuum packed.

Keep refrigerated (below 10 degrees) and wrapped in foil. It should keep for about 20 days.


Calabrian pork, Calabrian chilli pepper, salt