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Organic Red Wine Primitivo Coppadoro

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  • Style - Red
  • Grape - Primitivo
  • Vintage - 2018
  • ABV - 13.5%
  • Region - Puglia

Arguably more well known by its alter-ego Zinfandel, Primitivo is a huge, ripe Italian grape which is the pride of the Puglia region in the south of Italy.

Primitivo is a delightfully brash wine that's very dark, very juicy and high in alcohol.

The grape is thought to have originated in Croatia, where it is known as Crljenak (shill-ee-ah-nock). It was then brought to Italy, and on to the United States in the 1800s, where it thrived under the Californian sun.

Primitivos are very well known for being full-bodied fruit bombs. Much like Californian Zinfandels they have a very high alcohol content on account of the grapes ripening quickly.

Primitivo is a fantastic BBQ wine. It loves pulled pork, ribs, steaks and any foods with a lot of flavour. Pizza is another excellent choice with this fabulous wine.

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Our Producer

Tenuta Coppadoro

This multi award-winning winery began life in 1999 in the fertile countryside of San Severo in Puglia, located on a beautiful hill in the Alto Tavoliere, the 'Coppadoro', from where you can admire the Gargano and the Sub-Apennines. 

The mild and always ventilated microclimate, thanks to the nearby Adriatic Sea, and the nature of the calcareous – clayey soil, allow the grapes to ripen in a progressive and balanced way. From the 2017 vintage, both the vineyards and the cellar can boast of the organic certification, confirming the extreme attention paid to respect for the environment, the cultivation of grapes and the production of wines.